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What is a smash burger?

The first smashburger was created in Ashland, Kentucky. The original Diary cheer hamburger shop owner Bill Culvertson created the smashburger when his employee discovered that smashing the meat with a No. 10 bean can while grilling was a great way to get the best flavor into a burger.

With this specific cooking technique there will be a maillard reaction where the juices caramelize and give to the meat a crunchy side while enhancing its flavor.

Le Smash

Our story

Smashburgers are the classic story of simplicity and luxury all in one bite. Le Smash follows in those footsteps of creating an classic American smash burger no fuzz and pure local ingredients.

Bram and Graeme the owners and chefs have been operating multiple venues in Amsterdam. Bram started smashing burgers in 2015 at his Rotisserie and Graeme worked in several Michelin starred restaurants. After working together for a year they decided to perfect the classic American smashburger and start Le Smash.

Le Smash represents artisanal hand crafted smashburgers. Straightforward approachable for everyone to enjoy.

Le Smash - Amsterdam

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Le Smash

Govert Flinckstraat 122
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Le Smash

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